Make Your 30th Birthday As Fabulous As You Are!

Decorating the house, cooking for hours and dressing up at the last minute is just the common routine you have always been doing for decades on your birthday. Why not try to spice it up and make use of glitters to turn it more fabulous as it can be?

To cover everything with sparkling glitters on your birthday, here’s your ultimate guide.

Are you tired of the same plain balloons every year? Use confetti-dipped balloons. Turning 30 does not mean that you are not allowed to enjoy the wonderful feeling that the balloons provide. It’s just a matter of enjoying one of the best birthday celebrations!

For the wall, do not leave it boring. Thus, use DIY sequin letter garland to provide your wall with a new look it deserves. You can make DIY letter garland for the words like “30th Birthday”, “Cheers!” and “welcome.”

Meanwhile, instead of using plain paper plates or the ceramic ones, turn those plain white plates into a dashing glittering material where everyone adores to eat! Of course, a birthday is not meant to be a boring occasion, if you have tons of bottles at home you can use it to ask your friends to play a ring toss game! Throw a friendly competition game with friends at your birthday party!

And who says friendship bracelets do not exist anymore? As your way of thanking them for taking the time to spend your birthday with you, give them something to remember. Once in your life, you have to stop hustling at work and live for the moment.

Not everyone is lucky enough like you to have the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with a complete set of family and friends. Use this guide to make your 30th birthday as fabulous as you are, then enjoy the moment, cherish the memories and love your circles.

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