Create Pinterest-Perfect Looking Walls With These Ideas!

New Year is fast approaching and it’s less than a month from now. It’s about time to create that Pinterest-Perfect interior design with new wall art ideas that you have never tried before.

From dull and plain wall, here are creative wall art ideas you can try to reflect who you are and provide a personalized interior design at home.

Vintage fashion photo collection

Gone are the days were the black and white images of Marilyn Monroe is used as one of the common wall art ideas. If you are photography aficionado, take tons of pictures of yourself. Turn that plain wall into your mini fashion wall by mimicking your favorite stars and fashion icons pose.

Family and friends will be surprised how creative you can be when designing a home. Considering a vintage fashion photo collection when thinking for wall art ideas also create a friendly and happy vibe at home.


In the 1990s, neon lights are used for business signs to capture the attention of target market but in 2018, it is one of the best wall art ideas you can design at home.

Neon wall art ideas offer dual purposes: It acts as sophisticated wall art that reflects your personality, which is fun, playful and friendly. At night, it serves as your lampshade when you are about to sleep.

Wildlife Art

Wildlife art and paper animals are perfect for homeowners with kids. Taking advantage of these wall art ideas made is necessary as you can teach the kids at the young age the classification of wildlife as well as their habitat. Using wildlife art is one of the comprehensive ways to teach the kids rather using laptops or mobiles that are now becoming a problem for every parent.

Excited to try these wall art ideas? Let us know how it made your home more attractive at the comment section below.

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